Vendor Info

Dear Vendors,

Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2018 Philomath Frolic & Rodeo!  This year’s event will be July 12th-15th.

Food Vendors:  

To help ensure each vendor has a successful weekend, we are limiting the number of vendors this year.  A Booth Reservation Form must be returned by June 12, 2018 for consideration.

Craft/Info Booths:

To help ensure each vendor has a successful weekend, we are only allowing 20 craft/info booths.  A Booth Reservation Form must be returned by July 8, 2018 for consideration.


  1. Reservation Form:  All potential Vendors are required to submit a completed Philomath Frolic & Rodeo Booth Reservation Form. Please print, and return your completed Booth Reservation Form to: 401 Adelaide Drive, Philomath, OR 97370. 2018 Vendor Booth Application.
  2. Insurance: Food vendors are required to be covered with at least 1 million dollars of general liability insurance and are required to submit a certificate of coverage (I.e. ACORD 25 Form) identifying Philomath Frolic & Rodeo, Inc. as additionally insured.
  3. Fire and Safety:  Vendors must meet local Fire and Safety requirements and will be inspected for compliance by the Philomath Fire Department. You will need to read the Fire Department Requirements. Please Click Here.
  4. Permits: All Restaurant/Food Vendors, except prepackaged food vendors, must obtain a Temporary Restaurant Permit, or equivalent, from the Benton County Health Department.  Benton County Health Department, Environmental Health Division, 530 NW 27th St., PO Box 579, Corvallis, OR 97339-0579, Telephone 541-766-6841, Fax 541-766-6248
  5. Payment: All Payments must be received on or before June 10th to validate your reservation.  Lack of payment will invalidate your reservation and any reserved space will be rented to another vendor.
  6. Rented Booth Area:  All selected vendors must be able to fit all items pertaining to their booth within their rented booth area.  If there are Awnings, Window Covers, Ice Coolers, Guy Wires, Stakes, Trailer Tongues, Propane Tanks, Lawn Chairs, Tables, Refrigerators, Storage boxes, etc., they must all fit WITHIN the rented space.  Violations may jeopardize vendor participation in the event if expansion space is unavailable, require the booth to move to a less conspicuous/accessible space, or at the least increase the rental fee to cover the extra utilized space.

The Frolic Booth Committee will accept reservations from January 1st through June 12th for primary consideration.  The Booth Committee will then review the applications and select vendors to fill the available space – who will be notified by June 10th.  In general, the criteria for selection include:

  1. Mix of goods and services provided to the Frolic as a collection of all booths.
  2. Balance of goods and services sold to minimize head to head competition between vendors, yet still servicing the needs of the attendees.
  3. Previous attendance to the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo and impression left on the event (clean, professional, organized, cooperative, etc.)
  4. Vendors who applied in previous years, but were not invited to attend
  5. New Vendors with new or unique products that do not conflict with established returning vendors.

If there is space available after the primary selection, then applications received after May 31st will be reviewed and selected as appropriate using the above criteria.

Booth space is rented on an area basis, focused on the exposed frontage, and measured in linear feet.  The first 10’ in depth is rented at $10 per linear foot.  The depth from 10’ to 20’ is rented at $7.50 per linear foot. Depths greater than 20’ are rented at $.50 per square foot.  See page two of the Booth Reservation Form for a graphic explanation.

There is a discount rental rate offered for Non-Profit Organizations.

For a nominal fee Water and Electricity is available for vendor use.

Vendors are responsible for providing all water hoses and electrical cords.

Higher Amperage demands will require larger cables with “flying leads” (no connector at the source end).

If you have any questions please call or e-mail me.

Thank you!

Jenny Workman, Booth Chair
Telephone: 541-870-5730