Our Members

Membership Benefits  This chart explains expectations and benefits of being a member of the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo.

Membership Application Form  This form can be completed and returned via email or in person at the next general membership meeting, held the 4th Thursday of every month at Philomath City Hall at 7:00 p.m.  Come learn more about membership in PF&R!

Membership has changed over the years but the dedication today is just as great as it was back when it started. The community opens its doors early every summer to share the fun and hospitality with those who enter and come to participate and watch.

Working the Philomath Frolic is a family project for many volunteers and there’s a job for everyone, from kids to grandparents. The fun doesn’t end when the big weekend is over. Planning for next year’s event will start in the early fall and continue through ’til next year’s event.

Adults pay a yearly due of $20 and asked to work 40 hours and Juniors (between 10 and 17 years of age) pay $10 and are asked to work 20 hours. Kids under 9 years of age are Honorary Junior members with no annual dues and will get into events the entire weekend of the Frolic & Rodeo.

For membership information please email prf.president@gmail.com or stop in at our next general membership meeting.

2016 Executive Board

Chris Workman – President

Jacob Coon – Vice President of Facilities

Vacant – Vice President of Management

Leanna Steinke – Secretary/Rodeo Chair

Cindy Beach – Treasurer

2016 Rodeo Queen

Rachel Cihak

2016 Membership

Anderton, Buzz
Anderton, Frankie – PR Chair
Anderton, Drew
Anderton-Seim, Darian – Queen
Baker, Blaine (Lifetime Member)
Baumann, James (Lifetime Member)
Baumann, Joanne – Ticket Chair
Beach, Cindy (Lifetime Member)
Coon, Jacob
Denue, Jayson
Dowless, Linda
Ehlers, Diedre
Hering, Sandi (Lifetime Member)
Hering, Tom (Lifetime Member)
Hinchberger, Darrell
Hinchberger, Ellen – Gates Chair
Hubbell, Ray – BBQ, Dance & Security Chair
Johnson, Colby
Johnson, Jaide
Johnson, Jax
Johnson, Mary – Parade Chair
Johnson, Porter
Johnson, Skyler
Johnson, Steve
Kerst, Jeremy
Kerst, Stephanie
Knudson, Debi
Koeppe, Charla – Christmas Parade Chair
Labahn, Cody – Logging Show Chair
Logsdon, Jenifer – Donkey Race Chair
Magers, Howard (Lifetime Member)
Mulberry, Quentin
Phillips, Julie – Products Chair
Robinson, Jackie
Robinson, Rick
Roe, Taylor
Root, Darlene
Root, Rusty – Rodeo Chair
Savage, Annie – Landscaping Chair
Schmidt, Marilyn (Lifetime Member) – Craft Fair & Finance Chair
Schoonover, Allison
Schoonover, Kyle
Skirvin, Lola (Lifetime Member)
Skirvin, Paul (Lifetime Member)
Snyder, Luisa
Snyder, Nathan
Spencer, Kim (Lifetime Member)
Spencer, Travis
Steinke, Brent
Steinke, Leanna – Court Chair
Steinke, Reynece
Steinke, Stryker
Stone, Kris
Stueve, Carol (Lifetime Member)
Stueve, Ken (Lifetime Member)
Sweetin, Maggie (Lifetime Member)
Tunison, Greg
Vomocil, Marc
Webster, Nick
Wiggins, Ronda
Wischnofske, Patty – Arena Sign co-Chair
Wischnofske, Scott – Arena Sign co-Chair
Witt, Emilea – Raffle co-Chair
Witt, Lori – Raffle co-Chair
Workman, Chris
Workman, Matthew
Workman, Nathaniel