The Philomath Frolic & Rodeo was started sixty-two years ago with three couples dreaming of having a community event. Thirty years ago it was three brothers dream to do something for the community. Consequently we have a terrific community event that is now known throughout the northwest and other countries. Click here to read more PF&R history.

Our membership has changed over the years, but the dedication today is just as great as it was back sixty-one years ago. The community has a lot to offer and it opens its doors early every summer to share the fun and hospitality with those who enter. Who are these people who volunteer so much time to organize and build up the Frolic & Rodeo? A bunch of cowboys? Hardly! In fact, very few of the people involved live on a farm or even own a horse. They are people, who feel good about contributing to the community and are dedicated to helping it grow. Click here for a Membership Application.

Although the arena and grounds were built to hold rodeos, the Philomath Frolic and Rodeo committee feels that this is something for the community and they encourage the community to use it. The grounds are open for public use all during the year. Mary’s Peak Shrine Trek and Northwest Youth Rodeo Associations hold their annual event at the grounds, Graduation receptions, weddings, wedding receptions, class reunions, birthday parties, mule shows, private parties, horse shows, dog shows plus many other events have been held at the grounds.

The Philomath Frolic & Rodeo, a family oriented event, gives 50% of the profits made back to the community, to youth organizations or projects that benefit the majority of the people in the community and also improve the grounds. Donations have been made to Crippled Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon,Philomath Area Chamber of Commerce, Philomath Christmas Decorations, Philomath Boy Scouts, Philomath Emergency Medical Treatment, Philomath Food Bank, Philomath Baby Bank, Philomath Youth Activities Club, Philomath Library, Benton County Museum, Philomath Swim Pool, Philomath Memorial Scholarship Fund, Community Easter Egg Hunt, and Philomath Westtling Team.   Donations were made to Benton County Veteran Memorial, CARDV, Philomath Easter Egg Hunt, Mary’s Peak Shrine Trek, Philomath Elementary Kids in Need, Philomath Baby Bank, Philomath Food Bank, Philomath Community Garden, Philomath High School Forestry Program, Philomath Youth Activities Club Scholarship, St Jude Children’s Hospital, Philomath Scout Lodge and Old Mill Center for Children and Families.

The Philomath Frolic & Rodeo is held during the second full weekend of July with three Northwest Professional Rodeo Association sanctioned rodeos, (NPRA), Lions Club breakfasts, Beef & Chicken Barbecues, The Kids and Main Street Parades, Crafts booths, Food booths, Drill Team performances, Friday & Saturday Dance, Carnival Rides, Old Fashion Fiddle Jam, Musical Christian Cowboy Church Service, Kids Korner, and much more to make a fun-filled weekend.

The Philomath Frolic and Rodeo was voted “Best NPRA rodeo in the Northwest”  eight times by NPRA.

The Philomath Frolic and Rodeo Parade, is held Saturday morning along Applegate Street, it is a huge crowd pleaser.

Come and join us for our 61st Anniversary!
Covered bleachers, handicapped accessible, and RV self contained parking.